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An NYU application reader shares her top tips for writing the perfect college essay.
They aren’t afraid to ask questions.
For centuries, elder mammals known as parents have been bravely living side by side with the teens trying to make sense of this most perplexing and reclusive animal.
Cat Coode, who runs Binary Tattoo offers online audits of kids' digital identities, says, " Often when kids are 'forced' to
Parents often dread the adolescent phase with their kids. Suddenly, their sweet, adorable children who couldn't stop hovering around their legs, want an identity of their own.
You're in high school. After months obsessing over the love of your life, you summon the courage to tell them how you feel. Well, you ask a friend who knows someone who knows them to pass on the news. You vibrate with anticipation waiting for the reply, feeling an excitement you've never felt before.
In this case, I knew I dealt with my dad's death. I remembered dealing with it. Watching my son on June 17 was my way of going back and double-checking just one last time, to reassure myself that I did indeed deal with it.
It's not just that we are weepy over our kids' departure because we can't believe how fast they grew up. That is an oversimplification. It's true, we can't believe how fast they grew up, but we also can't believe how old we are.
Why in the world do I keep asking myself, "Am I good enough?" Because, God never intended me to just be good enough. God