I actually attempted this year, for Lent, to give up "weather grumbling" and lasted for a mere nine days before another mini polar vortex broke me down.
In her new blog, "The Dollhouse Years," Kristin Armstrong discusses the challenges of raising small children while still enjoying other aspects of life. She and others join HuffPost Live to discuss how they balance parenthood and everything else.
Kelly Corrigan joined HuffPost Live to talk parenting, stress reduction and success. See what she had to say... The essay
Texts, though, are a new way to communicate -- rooted in those notes you passed between classes in middle school, maybe, but also completely different. They are like a conversation, but not exactly, intimate yet efficient, a way to be together but apart. And oh the possibilities for parenting.
Four years ago Jennifer Senior wrote a much-read cover story for New York Magazine about the paradox of raising children
The mantra "lean in" has been on women's lips for the last year. But, women still have a problem selling themselves and their talents in the workplace. We discuss what should happen after you ‘lean in’ and why many women don’t make it that far.
Caroline talks about Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In," which is now headed to the silver screen.
"There's something immeasurably special about seeing or doing something for the very first time, and with young children
For years, Lisa Bonchek Adams has, very publicly, chronicled her breast cancer treatment on the internet. Bill is absolutely
Clearly I was not the only one wondering. P&G discovered the athletes' parents back in 2010, in Vancouver, using the tagline