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My digital wish (#Digiwish) for 2016 is for us to elevate the discussion of tech use from a limited scope of addressing problems, like cyberbullying and screen time, to a more holistic view of how to weave technology in to our lives in a positive way.
Talk to your kids and set your expectations for acceptable use of technology before you allow your child access to a new device, gaming system or on to social media platforms. Recognize that kids do not see a difference in their online and offline lives, so your approach needs to be seamless.
Technology is not going away, so it's our job to use it wisely, and, by doing so, teach our children how to use it wisely.
Being on our electronic devices, updating our status and replying immediately to texts and emails can be annoying to those who are in our presence. Live. In real time. Especially our children.
I asked my 60-year-old dad to define some popular hashtags. And even I couldn't have imagined all of the glorious, absurd things he came up with.
Thou shall not bear false witness about the amount of screen time in thy family life. Thou shall not relax technology use guidelines when thou art weary.
While differences in cultural experiences may help explain some of our findings about parental concerns regarding children’s
"We get into the habit of treating all messages as equally urgent, but we've also come to like the feeling of staying in the loop because it's a way of proving our own importance," Pang says.
We've all seen the YouTube videos of babies masterfully using technology and moments when they swipe magazines like iPads. This topic of toddlers and technology invariably brings on a robust debate -- with experts positing if, when and how children should be exposed to technology.
I started to have the desire to be Queen when smartphones invaded my children's elementary school.
Just respond to him from your work address and thank him for his kind words. He may realize his error and he may not. Who
An iPad is simultaneously our children's source of communication, procrastination, education and entertainment. What rules to make, then, for this hydra-headed tool?
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