parents divorce

As I try to find the heart of every story, I stretch my memory to the 14 years we had together as "a normal family" before
"I've never been under the impression that I'd suddenly be happier 'if only' I were in a serious relationship."
"It was the best worst thing that ever happened to me."
Don't allow yourself to get sucked into the vortex around you. The conflict can come in like a tornado and leave nothing but destruction in its path. While your family of origin has changed in structure, it's not necessary to completely blow it apart.
How do I go about telling my kids that everything has changed, that I'm not in love with their dad anymore, that our family unit is no longer?
 An all-new season of Dr. Phil premieres September 14!  Watch a preview here. Leslie, once a suburban housewife and mother
As someone who lived through this as a kid, let me tell you this: staying for the sake of the kids is the WORST thing you can do for the kids.
(For reference, the "quarter-inch piece of plastic" refers to a broken dishwasher latch in the film. Braff's character confesses
Having two dads, two moms and an infinite number of half or step-siblings just makes life way more entertaining. More people
And although returning to her childhood home was difficult for the star, Lopez credits much of her success to the work ethic