I'm sure someone reading this right now has dealt with or knows someone who has dealt with nighttime potty training. Visit
Redsand writes movingly about the alternative reality that many, especially those from religious backgrounds, experience
Things that applied to raising Blue Ivy don't necessarily apply when you have twins.
After a few moments, she said "why are you resting?" to which I replied: "because I am tired and I need a rest." *Dedicated
I don't know why no one tells moms the truth about what it's like to be a mom. Why do people keep selling women bullshit ideas about how easy, wonderful and natural it all is?
But I kept you home today so that I could hold you.
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I'm not trying to be mean. I really like Pinterest, especially when I don't know what's for dinner tonight and my kids are
The board has strategy set out on it just like you would for a football game with pictures of parents on telephones, engaged
I came to a complete halt as I was shocked that these words came out of my 8 year old daughter's mouth.
Why? Why would anyone throw something away in a garbage can without a bag? It just blows my mind. Does this happen in your
They floss. (Nope, I'm not kidding; research says they floss.)
It is essential that girls--and women--understand and can easily define our self-worth, publicly and privately.
I don't really understand why it is anyone's business how someone else raises their children.
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Sure, it may be hard for someone to assume you have a "real job" when you are at a park at 10am on a Tuesday. But I (and
Well, I did all of those things that I wanted to do and then some. By the time the age of 34 came around I had already been
On the fifth day of Christmas my toddler gave to me FIVE. MOOD. SWINGS., four Angry Birds, three Elf on the Shelf infractions
Our societal norms and negative classical conditioning encourages many to raise our kids quickly and we hear things such
Being pregnant is one of those strange, surreal experiences that causes you to feel both fully connected to your body and also disconnected from it.