Parents Of Gay kids

A "boys will be boys" attitude offers little comfort to a kid suffering through school. My kid deserves better. All kids do.
After all, being a supportive mom isn't so B-A-N-A-N-A-S.
Predictably less enthusiastic was the American Family Association's Tim Wildmon, who slammed the event as a "hijacking of
I wore baby blue, and Jimmy was forced to wear my pink pajamas when we were about 2 and 3 growing up in upstate, New York.
You might be thinking, "Amelia, this isn't going to go anywhere. It's California! It's not like it's going to become law." And you are right. But it doesn't take away from the fact that there are thousands of people in this country just like Mr. McLaughlin, who think a bullet in his head is exactly what my son deserves.
Of course, Robertson's history of anti-gay sentiment is extensive. In recent weeks, he blasted a Washington state judge's
“We certainly have lots of kids and adults who come into the [Memphis LGBT Community Center] who talk about being abused
Sure, by the numbers, assuming people are straight is a safe bet. Most people are. But assumptions are dangerous. This particular assumption implies to my son that there is something wrong him for being other than straight. And there's not. He should be exactly who he is.
Here was the ultimate mom test. Was I the real deal? At this crucial moment, probably the most important one of my life, my mind had shut down, and I'd lost my voice. I'd expected to perform much better. This had been a D-minus at best.
You'd think that by the time my son Harry turned 4 years old in 1994, I would have learned how to handle Halloween. A guilt ghoul swallowed me whole the first time my boy wanted to go trick-or-treating dressed as a girl. But, no, some lessons don't come easy.
My oldest son is now in the fourth grade, and he's never had an incident of anti-gay bullying at school. And that may have lulled me into a false sense of security, because I was caught totally off guard when it happened to his little brother.
If you are thinking about creating a family with someone, stop and think. Ask yourself, "Will this person love the children we create?" If the answer is "Maybe not," then perhaps it is time to take a big step back and do some real thinking.
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A few months earlier, in the summer of 1992, Harry had told me, "Inside my head I'm a girl." So I knew biological differences between boys and girls didn't make that much sense to him. It was what was in his head that mattered.
"There is no reason for you to reject your daughter -- you should continue to love her," Sprigg said. "A person's sexual