parents of lgbt kids

"I came in here with my own internalized homophobia." "Nobody's afraid to touch me like I thought they would be." "For so
April 17 marks the 19th year of the annual Day of Silence, which brings attention to anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
Alexander's court date was reportedly set for Feb. 19. While details in the case are currently scarce, Jacqueline Alexander
One of the maternal family members makes a statement at the outset that becomes increasingly shocking as the video proceeds
If you are thinking about creating a family with someone, stop and think. Ask yourself, "Will this person love the children we create?" If the answer is "Maybe not," then perhaps it is time to take a big step back and do some real thinking.
8. Being out isn't black or white. Not every gay person is out at work, church, to friends and family and the same holds
Our education system, and much of the rest of the country’s, is not prepared for 6 to 9-year-old children to vocalize orientation
If we keep talking to that little girl for the next 10 years as if it's her destiny to fall in love with a man, how will she react to herself and others if she finds herself attracted to the girls around her, not the boys? Or to both?
According to NBC, Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory School Principal Gary Cannon said a photograph of Urbina does appear
Court documents cited by KATU and other media outlets described a series of Facebook messages between Dutro and her boyfriend