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Even though she's on vacation, Paris Hilton still has to take care of some business in Bali. Luckily for her, it's just monkey
Last year, Paris Hilton's Halloween costumes included but were not limited to: Barbie, Madonna in "Like A Virgin," Miley
The wildly fun outfits in Moschino's Spring/Summer '15 line, accurately described by some as "Barbie's dream collection," don't
Paris Hilton was busy Wednesday doing a bondage-themed photo shoot at the PH-D Rooftop Lounge at New York City's Dream Downtown
At least Hilton made mention of the real reason behind the viral challenge in her video caption: The 33-year-old heiress
Looks like Paris Hilton is up to her old tricks. Back in 2005, the blonde certainly got viewers' attention when she washed
Everyone knows Paris Hilton has money, and now everyone knows she carries that money around with her. The reality-star-turned
Another day, another aggressively sensual Instagram of Paris Hilton. On Sunday, April 6, the super rich person world-renowned
Paris Hilton dressed in green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day (and her cousin's birthday) on Monday, March 17. The famous
Here is a picture of Paris Hilton wearing a t-shirt and leggings, walking to Urban Outfitters with her boyfriend and resembling
Paris Hilton spoke to beauty-dedicated website Into the Gloss recently about her skincare routine, admitting, "Ever since
You can't pretend that 2002 was a good year for anyone in the fashion department. Even so, Paris Hilton stepped out in something
Finally, the DJ celebrated the evening with a giant pink and white cake covered in photos of herself. After all, this is
Paris Hilton's birthday is here and she wants you to know it.
Paris Hilton's birthday is here and she wants you to know it. "Love my beautiful #Birthday dress! Thank you @AlonLivne! I
Paris Hilton might want to stay clear of L.A. for a while ... the man covered in Paris tattoos who was arrested in front
Paris Hilton made quite the statement in a tiny crop top when she hit New York Fashion Week. The 32-year-old uploaded a photo
Wearing an unfinished dress by the Michelin tire company, Paris Hilton hit up an event in Hollywood last night ... and modeled
December might be here, but Paris Hilton is miles away from the cold weather, yucking it up in a bikini in Dubai.