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That's his nickname, acquired being first on the scene to shoot the effects of booby-trapped cars during his native Lebanon's civil war.
Two European publications are reporting that there is cell phone video taken from inside the Germanwings A320 aircraft that shows the flight's final moments but French investigators are calling it a hoax.
Brooklyn Street Art: How is this work different from the work of other artists who wheat paste their work without permission
In the past week or so, unusually savage imagery from Syria has appeared in the traditional news media, each organization going out of its way to stress the acts and degree of violence as suddenly vital and newsworthy.
In much the same way that Hollande says he wants to be a "Mr Normal" president, partner Trierweiler has said she doesn't
Sharon Stone has posed topless at 51, and she's proud to flaunt it. Read the article, it's in French, here. PHOTO: The actress
Europe's political wives are no longer standing by their men. In fact, they're more inclined to stand anywhere where they can give them a good clean kick in the derriere.
"I refuse to live there because the only subject of conversation is movies, and it's sad to only have that to talk about