paris shootings

I am appalled by my devastated country, and I am devastated by the death of my daughter.
I discuss the Paris and Beirut attacks in relation to the media response, selective empathy, and the 'what-about-ery' reaction.
The footage shows how two women manage to flee the chaos in a restaurant beset by terrorists.
As a Muslim Frenchman, I was completely shocked by these attacks, and because it's not just France, but Islam and Muslims too, that these phantoms are trying to break.
I fear the looks of hatred, disgust, rejection, xenophobia and terror, the accusations and the repugnance, that I know I will encounter on the streets of Europe.
Jeremy Corbyn has upset the public as well as his own MPs following remarks he made about the Paris terrorist attacks and the US drone strike on an ISIL camp in Syria.
In 1939, some 900 Jews fled Germany aboard a cruise liner. They had hoped to reach Cuba and then travel to the United States and safety. But when they arrived at the Florida coast, they were forced to return home. In the end, 250 of those on board were ultimately killed by the Nazis.
It is important for us at this time of great sadness to stand together and process this horrific incident in a way that is fair and just. It is important that we refrain from demonizing Muslims without cause -- not because that would benefit Muslims, but because our ability to eradicate terror depends on it.