paris terror

Gratitude, hope and love are present and still available to all of us.
BERLIN -- The refugees, so we must continually remind ourselves, do not come to us because they are globalization's losers, but because they are the victims of those who see globalization as the greatest threat to their narrow worldview.
The idea that crisis will bring the continent together no longer rings true in Europe. The only way the EU will work is if it, like any other well-functioning federation, has a strong center. For that to happen, individual nations need to give up a measure of domestic sovereignty. Yet, each crisis seems to have had the opposite effect, pushing the union toward a breakup as member states jealously guard their sovereignty.  
The ISIS attack in Paris was an attack on our global community. We have to take decisive collective action now with the global mechanisms available to us and aggressively meet this existential challenge to our core belief systems and way of life.
Teams and fans showed solidarity with Paris in Sunday's games.
PARIS -- We need to stop opposing Russia, Iran and even Syria, even though we do not approve of their behavior, because we are objective allies in this conflict. The forces of all these countries need to unite in this common struggle just as the forces of civilization coalesced in World War II. Without Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill never would have won the war against Hitler.
The problem is that, at this time of national crisis, France lacks any great leader of vision and courage. There is no De Gaulle or Clemenceau in the wings. Only Francois Hollande.
This is not about Islam or Christianity or Judaism or even capitalism versus communitarianism, but their angriest and most vehement branches. If our enlightenment "wins," there will be Islam in the future and everything else. But the fuming tenor of zero-sum machismo will be gone. Those who today preach hatred will live, but not their hate. Moreover, they know this. And because hatred is addictive, like a drug, that is the wellspring of their fury.