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The city plans to donate the proceeds to a worthy cause. The Espace Fondation EDF has a new exhibit that definitely appeals to the millennials' ears. ElectroSound
Three years ago I took my daughter and her friend to Paris and I fell in love. I've been back twice since--one on my own, and then last summer I took five of my kids for three weeks. I was thrilled when they fell in love with it too.
"That's Bataclan," noted my Parisian Uber driver, Charles, as we passed the popular nightclub on a bitter cold Sunday night
Myth 3: The Metro is complicated. The Metro in Paris is said to be one of the more complicated public transit systems, but
The terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13 have left France, and the world, stunned and in mourning. Needless to say, travel has been affected both within the city and throughout Europe. Here's what travelers who are in Paris right now, or heading there soon, need to know.
Tourism takes a hit.
I am writing to offer my condolences regarding the recent events you have had to endure. I am so sorry for your loss--of lives, of safety, of joy. I cannot know exactly how you feel, and I cannot say, honestly, "je suis Paris," because I am not.