Donte Palmer said fathers "need to be seen as equal" with changing tables in men's restrooms.
So even though the logistical negotiations Sunday night over dinner can become heated, there is only one way to go. We should
What is the best hope for equality in America? If there's a North Star, it is technology and especially wireless - the first of any kind of technology in which African Americans and Latinos are the leaders in adoption and informed use.
Were rich men like Romney and Ryan reduced to the kind of life that the huge majority of Americans live, would they dance to a different tune? Would the realization of how fragile life is when one has very little money sink in? Or is even imagining that scenario unthinkable?
I am questioning the idea of equality when it applies to equality of opportunity for women, and to the idea of equality in human relationships in general.
Recent tales of sexual abuse and impropriety has come a very powerful blowback: intolerance of these abuses, and the conversation we are all now having about sex and power.
Pakistan's leaders have long portrayed American attempts to build ties with India as a betrayal. And although this desire for parity is not new, it has never benefited them.
My sense is that the much-discussed parity in the NFL today will fade into a discussion of a handful of teams well positioned for a playoff run. Parity lives, but only a little while longer.
Did the 2009 New York Yankees have the most efficient payroll in baseball? According to some recent research we've done, they did indeed.
Working alongside the men, rather than in the room next door, seemed to us the best way to reach the Downing Street Project's goal -- not just the women.