Chuck Park also blasted the Trump White House’s “sheer managerial incompetence” in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.
We must all come together to ensure they are protected, just as we’ve done for the last 100 years.
So when it comes to the question of partying, off leash is best. If you don't have a fenced enclosure, schedule a time to meet at a local dog park. Still stumped where to hold your event? Try a few doggie day care centers: they may be willing to rent out their space.
I’ve always been that person who enjoys going for walks or occasionally tying up some shoelaces and going for a run. I remember
Hello Bulgaria. I have an affinity for Bulgaria -- so overlooked and underappreciated...and so charming in a Slavic way. In
I had passed my first French (francais) test. One of these days, with Chloe's help, I will speak it fluently. "Bonjour, Chloe
Is a vacation that forces you to exercise really a vacation? I'm not here to bash forests or National Parks though. I actually enjoy visiting them and share that yearning to return to the brush, and that's the problem.
I was pulled out of the comfort of my life by my child so hard I had whiplash, but now, years later and happy to be exactly where I am, I get to sit back and observe a world to which I wouldn't have been privy, a world I wouldn't have even noticed
Another season that ends, another chapter in Life... Celso Bressan "Names and positions are not relevant but you can call
Copyright 2015 by Jerry Zezima At the advanced age of 61 (my age is advancing while the rest of me is regressing), I am happy
It was in this state of mind—I was actually staring at the pool from the ground-level windows—that I turned around and saw
History lovers aside, Lake Havasu is also the place for those who are looking to party in paradise, minus the whole cost of paradise. Think brews, boats, bros, and babes on a budget.
Today is day 3, and we're doing alright. Yesterday we had 14 children round to play all morning, and another 3 in the afternoon - filling our home with those truly amusing humans Hannah loves and creating a chaotic normality indeed!
With summer quickly approaching, the thought of a summer vacation may have crossed your mind. You may be thinking about location, activities to do and your budget.
After all of our basketball playing schemes had been thwarted by the complex's property management, it was time to move on
Since 1967, the National Park Foundation has worked tirelessly to lead the national park cause, raising critical private
The crown jewel of the newly dedicated woodland is a spectacular 110-foot tall waterfall that appears to have no above ground