Is America Islamophobic? Better yet, has America become more Islamophobic in the five years since the Park51 controversy? Much of the evidence points to a sobering answer.
Sharif El-Gamal of Soho Properties has said he eventually planned to construct a $100 million, 13-story Islamic community
After spending years in the political wilderness, being cast as outsiders -- even un-American -- Muslim New Yorkers are in
As part owner of the site, Con Edison entered a dispute with the developers earlier this year by claiming that rent for the
"I am not anywhere as intelligent as a Herman Cain," Jones said. He added that the Republican presidential candidates "are
The center – two blocks from ground zero – opens to the public Wednesday night with a photo exhibit of children. WATCH Related
And then it was over, disappearing from the media's radar. "Precisely one year later, they are tasting a piece of what we
As New York -- and all of America -- approaches the tenth anniversary of 9/11 there are legitimate fears that Islamophobia may re-emerge as a response.
During the evening, Imam Rauf assured the audience in Hill Hall, "The American Muslim community is to play an important role in mediating between America and the Muslim world."
Many have criticized Rep. Peter King's hearings on radical Islam, but, at least judging from a New York Times video, his