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Two activists say their "soulful" method will help people understand their differences.
Parker J. Palmer is an author, educator, and activist who focuses on issues in education, community, leadership, spirituality and social change, with nearly 10 books and countless articles to his credit.
Here's an aphorism you're likely to hear this time of year: 'The Passover seder is the longest-running symposium on the meaning of freedom in the history of the world.' That's true, but it's insufficient.
Recommendations from the Best K-12 Teachers in the Country Their original list contained over 55 books. Last week, I sent
They are drawn to take the journey toward individuation rather than individualism, and for many, that journey is not just a progression toward a healthy ego--invaluable as that is in itself--but also an opening to the transcendent dimensions of human experience.
We all have challenges on the journey of life. Some are as minor as a bug on a windshield. Others come like an F5 tornado. And through it all, we keep growing. But whether the sun shines or we are facing a hurricane, it really is all about the journey.
Author, educator and activist Parker Palmer on Advent and the Word made flesh.
Is our democratic system capable of evolution? With our capacity to hold tension creatively, Parker Palmer thinks so.
While people are not going to come to agreement over contentious issues, I believe there is still room for meaningful conversation to foster mutual understanding.
Teach Now is about how all of us can claim our role as teachers more fully and more confidently, and share our knowledge with those who need it.
What does it mean to "teach like a champion"? Can great teachers be reduced to, and developed by, a discrete set of tools and techniques?
What have we achieved by raising test scores? Is a goal to raise scores not a clear example of the kind of thing Parker Palmer describes as "trivial and mediocre ends"?
Maybe because it's back-to-school time, I've heard from readers about a bunch of different education-related ventures. In fact, here's another example of a university and a New Radical working together.