parkinsons disease

The Georgia Republican says health "challenges" stemming from Parkinson's informed his decision.
The 82-year-old, who was diagnosed over three years ago, said he decided to share the news “to encourage others to take action.”
The civil rights activist said he will be making "lifestyle changes" to slow the disease's progression.
With the string of Bush accusations, "dirty old man" joins "locker room talk" as an excuse that no longer flies.
The suicides of several high-profile professional athletes, beginning with NFL player Terry Luther Long in 2005, brought CTE into the public consciousness.
ALS attacks and kills nerve cells controlling muscles, leading to weakness, paralysis and, ultimately, respiratory failure.
"The hardest step is that first step. Once you take that first step, the rest of it comes easy."
New research in mice and human cells indicates a brain-gut connection.
Friends, family, mayor, members of the city council, the church community, all of you from impossibly gerrymandered voting
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and in particular, Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s say this together
Recent decades have seen previously unimaginable health gains become a reality. But while diseases that were once considered
The comments of the rich and famous should be taken with a grain of salt.