parkinson's disease

The actor earned an honorary Oscar on Saturday for his philanthropic work and took the podium to thank his Hollywood peers for their "remarkable" support.
The singer was diagnosed in 2019, the same year he suffered a serious fall that required him to undergo invasive neck surgery.
"Why is our goal to live as long as possible? My father can’t go to the bathroom by himself. He can’t shower by himself. He doesn’t know where he is or why."
Therapy balls, interactive games and stationary bikes that might help you or a loved one stay active.
"What do you want your legacy to your community and your children to be after you’re gone?"
The Prince of Darkness told "Good Morning America" that he's not "going to go anywhere yet," and implored his fans to hang on for him.
"I keep hoping for a medical miracle to cure his Parkinson's disease — for him to one day wake up as himself again."
The Georgia Republican says health "challenges" stemming from Parkinson's informed his decision.
The 82-year-old, who was diagnosed over three years ago, said he decided to share the news “to encourage others to take action.”
No one can escape the dangers.