parks and rec

'Parks and Rec' had Amy Poehler's golden touch all over it. It was smart and hilarious without ever going in the dirt for jokes. It even had a diverse and vibrant cast that brought the plot to the next level and gave it a life of its own.
But does she know her way around an oscillating spindle sander?
At a time when a handful of protestors in the West want to give federal lands back to the states, Oscar season is worth celebrating the hundreds of movies that could never have been made on anything but the federal land all of us own together.
Literally co-starring Sam from "Cheers."
Edith and just about ANYONE (“Downton Abbey”) Aside from the dead ones, Edith is probably the unluckiest character in Downton
With the end of NBC's "Parks and Recreation," we also saw the last of "Burt Macklin, FBI" -- a character made up by goofball
And that's how you say goodbye. It's hard to believe "Parks and Rec" is actually ending, so to sign off in style, Chris Pratt