The medical body said the government's statement is an "abandonment of the national heroes who have stood up for our people."
Chancellor Sebastian Kurz may have traded his far-right governing partners for the progressive Greens, but his anti-Muslim views haven’t changed.
The prime minister said he would give Parliament more time to debate his Brexit deal as long as it agrees to an election before Christmas.
Members of Parliament are set to vote on the bill Tuesday evening. If they delay the exit until January, the prime minister says he'll withdraw the legislation.
Twitter users are flipping an age-old excuse on its head to troll Britain's prime minister.
The U.K. prime minister rejected an MP's demand that he apologize for a 2018 column comparing Muslim women in burkas to letterboxes and bank robbers.
Conservative members of Parliament on Tuesday risked their careers to form a "rebel alliance" and take the Brexit timetable out of the party leader's hands.
Prime Minister Theresa May's government described it as the "last chance to vote for Brexit."
Protesters in the UK have rallied to make Green Day’s 2004 hit song “American Idiot” top the charts.