Parliament of the United Kingdom

Lawmakers in Parliament debated whether to accept Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proposed new divorce deal with the European Union.
The extremist and convicted pedophile planned to kill Labour MP Rosie Cooper, who was investigating him for child sex crimes.
The party is pushing for a vote this week that would make Parliament the first national legislature in the world to declare a climate emergency.
The British Parliament has said it will debate the petition in April.
Facebook's offer to send a different senior executive was blasted as “absolutely astonishing” by one Parliament official.
The U.K. leader's rebuke heightens tensions between the longtime allies.
Voters elected more women than ever before, but equality in Parliament is still some way off.
Lady Caroline Cox's case for the Syrian dictator reflects how support for Assad is often tied up with a skepticism about Islam.
An outpouring of support required the organizers to double their funding goal in a matter of hours.
The assailant mowed down pedestrians and stabbed a police officer before attempting to storm the Parliament building.
Happy Pi Day, here’s some not-so-happy news. 1. US applications for New Zealand Citizenship are up 70% since Trump’s election