So. Much. Cheese. After years of going almost cheese-less, it’s finally making a comeback in Russia.
21. Cover the tray with alfoil and place it in the oven. 22. After it has been in the oven for 20 minutes, remove the foil
The beauty in this is that you can flavor it however you like by tossing chile flakes, garlic, fresh herbs and the like into the food processor. Or try a sweet, mascarpone-like version by adding a few dates and a dash of vanilla extract. Anything's fair game.
You can find more of my healthy recipes here. Enjoy, As spring turns to summer, here's a wonderfully fragrant and fresh light
Dips are meant to be appetizers and snacks, however, whenever I encounter one that I like it ends up becoming my entire meal
I think you're going to love the traditional chicken Parmesan flavors in this recipe, especially because it's so much easier than frying chicken!
We've been spending our weekends at the Jersey Shore this summer, and that means company. Between the laundry and the grocery shopping, the wet bathing suits falling off the rail into the bushes, the making up of the pullout couch, the root-beer cans piling up in bathroom wastepaper baskets, and the towels hidden under the beds, sometimes, it feels as if my husband and I are running a B&B.
Turning your Parmesan rinds into a rich, cheesy broth is the best way to get the most bang out of your aged, funky, Italian buck.
In an amazing use of its legislative powers, the FDA has ruled that wooden boards are not approved for use in cheese aging operations, declaring that "the use of wooden shelves for cheese ripening does not conform to current Good Manufacturing Practices."
It's super easy and is a great change from the traditional pasta and sauce.
Let's just say this: We always have to pause the movie so that I can make a second batch.
There's no reason you shouldn't serve them as the potato part of a main course.
Just because they aren't the fanciest doesn't mean they aren't delicious.