The decision by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals means the death row inmate no longer has an execution date.
Carter was 17 when she convinced Conrad Roy III to stay in his car as it filled with carbon monoxide.
Prosecutors may choose to drop the case against the rapper altogether.
After being shot beside the rapper in South Los Angeles, Kerry Lathan was arrested on an alleged parole violation.
Kerry Lathan said he was at the rapper's clothing store trying to get a new shirt when shots were fired.
After the initial shock of his son's death subsided, Azim realized that there are victims on both sides of the gun.
A new report from the Abolitionist Law Center "presents a definitive portrait of a punishment that is archaic, cruel, unjustified, and indefensible,” its co-author says.
She says no one ever told her she was ineligible to vote because of a felony offense.
She was sentenced to half a decade in prison even though she said she was unaware she couldn't vote.
“Why would she vote illegally?" her attorney said. "What benefit does she receive by doing that?"
It was the second straight year that she was deemed suitable for parole, although California Gov. Jerry Brown overturned last year’s decision.
Our national appetite for absurdity has transformed since his disappearance behind bars nearly a decade ago.
“What plays against him is the ghost of the murders."
Why did you decide to make a film about a man who killed another person? I think is an important issue and I have donated
Because it is a fact that most prisoners will eventually return to the community, better understanding of prisoner re-entry success and failure is crucial. What does it take for a prisoner to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of re-entry?
Christopher Zoukis is the author of College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons (McFarland & Co
As our nation turns to consider the overwhelming policy and political impacts of adult mass incarceration and its toll on families and communities, it's worth considering how the culture of fear, which is answered by jailing and punishment trickles down to children in disparate, cruel, and inhumane ways.