Bird lover and self-described “Parrotman” Ted Richards had his face tattooed with feathers, cut off his ears and risked going blind by having his eyes colored with ink.
The two female birds don't mind sharing the male -- but they don't like sharing food.
If this is real, you can knock us over with a feather.
The bird repeated what sounds like an argument, including the phrase, "Don't f***ing shoot."
"I can't get it off me, oh my God, oh my God, can you please get it off me."
Gigi the parrot suffered from a rare condition that meant her bill didn't stop growing.
(x-A(k))2+(y-B(k))2=(R(k))2, for k=-10000, -9999, ... , 9999, 10000, where B(k)=-(cos(32πk/4000))6cos((k/4000)7(π/2))(1+(cos