Parsons The New School for Design

The singer accepted an award for her fashion and humanitarian work from Parsons School of Design.
The new emerging creative economy needs highly educated people who will not simply complete tasks, even highly intellectual ones. We need people who can identify and flexibly address and solve complex social and business problems.
I knew two things for certain: She was a terrible driver and she had gone to boot camp class that morning at 8 a.m. It was a confession that came at the end, and it was the first truly real moment.
The fancy wrap-arounds simply called "Sheila Johnson" are printed with digital photographs taken by the businesswoman. Picturesque
Design-centric universities have recently risen in popularity and success with schools like The New School and Pratt. As
First, universities must embrace interdisciplinary learning on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Even for students who are not focusing in the arts, some experience and literacy with design will prove crucial in an increasingly creative economy.
The Best of Both Worlds: Studying Fashion Merchandising at a Traditional School Read the rest of the story at
Garo Apanian opens his candy-apple-red laptop. "Let me show you the apartment where I was born," he says. "It's a beautiful building." The image that appears is of Beirut.
Only two shows into Season 8, I'm hooked all over again. I already have my favorites, I already know who's going home sooner than later, and I think Season 8 has the makings of a really strong season.