part time recovery

A New Jersey woman who died while napping in her car between work shifts is just one of the many stories that detail the struggle low-wage workers face.
Maria Fernandes was found dead in her car Monday night. Low wages and unreliable schedules mean that low-wage employees are
"Some were terminated, some were let go," said Givens-Thomas, who kept her job but was written up by superiors. "It just
The demands are largely the same as in the past -- a minimum wage of $15 per hour and protections against retaliation for
U.S. businesses are hiring at a robust rate. The only problem is that three out of four of the nearly 1 million hires this year are part-time and many of the jobs are low-paid.
"As organizations and companies reduce the hours of part-time workers, they still have to replace the capacity, so they go
Politicians like to talk about the middle-class jobs they can and will create, if only given the chance. But thus far this