part time workers

The presidential candidate is proposing protections for part-time shift workers, many of whom are in low-wage jobs in the retail and food industries.
Due to severe budget restrictions still in effect, and the uncertain outcome of the Presidential election, governments are not spending enough on public works projects long overdue to take up the hiring slack.
Gap becomes the latest major retailer to give its workers more flexibility.
Of course. There's a reason business lobbies have fought this reform fiercely -- it's going to raise their labor costs. Just
Lundberg said this particular store was an outlier in its rate of part-time workers, noting that most stores are majority
"I'm against adding $53 billion to the deficit so that corporations can push their costs and responsibilities onto the government
I had an apartment in Mesa, Arizona. But I decided to leave there because at the same exact time that I was laid off, the
The New York Times reported that Fernandes "slept in her running S.U.V. so often that she started keeping a container full
Underemployment is expensive in dollars and even more costly in terms of its impact on children of under-employed parents. We need to make discussing and addressing this imperfect imbalance a priority.