Why Americans vote against their interests, and why it's just going to get worse.
President Donald Trump failed to join in on Bush’s call for national unity during the coronavirus pandemic.
When we allow partisanship to be prioritized over the needs of American citizens, tragedy can be the result.
The electing of congressional representatives is far from fair and square.
Unfortunately, the anger unleashed during the election caused many Americans to rely on their disparate newsfeeds and sources
Increased road rage, election and post-election violence, teen fighting mobs, political protests, and riots on college campuses are some of the more obvious spikes in incivility that are overlays to already-tense police and racial relations in many communities.
Frank discussion is good for the church. But not when disagreement descends into something mean and nasty, as it often does in the political realm. That's what makes one of President-elect Donald Trump's pledges so upsetting to me.
Don't get me wrong, there are issues, and they matter- immigration, borders, foreign policy, a woman's right to choose, etc