I only knew I was pregnant for about a week when I miscarried. We were so damn excited. We were going to be parents. Then we weren't.
Look, Spirit. I miss him. I don't want to go a whole year like I had initially thought. That's too long. But I want to be
It amazes people how I am able to give up everything and go. There is a sense of freedom that people around me envy (especially you stay at home mommies). I know because they tell me so. They even tell me they want to be me. I am not flattered by this as my ego would like me to be.
Each winter, the North Shore of Oahu turns into a total party scene as the winter surf competitions get underway. The Pipe Masters is the capstone event: a booze fest, a gorgeous beach day, and a highly competitive surf competition all rolled into one sensory overload. Now, experience the real-life Blue Crush in just three minutes.
I wondered: during our amped up holiday schedules and constant content on our phones, what's all of this sensory overload doing to our health?
The banyan, which hails from India and is considered sacred there, is one of the world's largest trees.
There was a strong emphasis on energy efficiency in the Energy Excelerator's selected winners.
The Standard Missile-3, built by Raytheon Co, was the highest-ever intercept in space, meaning that a larger area can be