We could call it the multiplication of the loaves without the fishes. That’s because this food imbued with meaning—bread
It has an area of less than 2 square miles, but an allure that is definitely dangerous. Procida is an island that will win
Just call it “sun rice.” Rice and its summer versions are one of Italy’s most popular dishes in the hottest months of the
We could call it pasta redux. Because while the concept is recycling, the outcome isn’t simple reuse by any means. It is
It’s a joy to rummage through stalls of knick-knacks, hoping to stumble upon that hidden treasure. There’s the fun of racks
The peach tree is native to China and grows spontaneously in Persia. Its fruit is distinguished by the early variety, which
West of Rome is the title of a famous book of novellas by John Fante. “West of Genoa” is the byword of lovers of the Riviera
It’s the country with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (currently 51) and the largest concentration of monuments
This is the city of Elena Ferrante, the mysterious signature whose novels are at the top of best-selling lists and has brought
In the plethora of diets out there, no nutritionist has ever said that veggies are bad for you. Eat seasonal ones that are
Anna Prandoni is the author of Let’s Cook Italian (Quarto Publishing), an Italian family cookbook (with simplified versions
Friarielli, cime di rapa, puntarelle, asparago bianco. These exotic names refer to vegetables that are practically impossible
Matera, famous for its “Sassi,” is a city in the region of Basilicata located essentially where the heel of the “boot” of
It was officially invented in Naples in the late 1800s, when restaurateur Raffaele Esposito— along with his wife Rosa (proving
Italian wine—I can assure you—is good. Very good. However, you need to know what to choose, especially at a restaurant. Outside
When the weather turns nice, the sunset lingers and it feels like night will never come, you need to dine outside in Rome
In a 1970s Italian cult lm, the famous actor Totò—mainly known for his roles as a creative crook— conned an Italian-American
The important thing is not to get behind the wheel after you’ve enjoyed your tipple. Other than that, in Italy you have an
Ever since George Clooney chose it as his Italian vacation home, Lake Como’s international popularity has soared. Of course
There is an Italian saying that “class is not water.” But that’s not always true, especially if the water is partly frozen