There are a million different things you could do to be kind, and you are possibly the world's expert on what your partner would consider kind. But here are eight suggestions. Possibly they will just reinforce what you already know, or maybe they will give you fresh ideas of things to try.
Pillow talk ain’t cheap.
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I often wonder how the couples I see strolling the malls, parks, or who wine and dine at the local cuisine near where I live
“When you get married, you’ll be a great husband...” “When you get married, I’ll be so proud of you...” These are not statements
There are many dating sights but the majority of them have false information and flattering photos that really are not even
In this day and age, women have won the right to vote, to burn our bras, and to climb the corporate ladder. Why do we still find it a challenge to be honest in the bedroom? And could this duplicity potentially lead us astray when looking for Mr. Right?
Maybe you or your spouse have lost focus. Maybe you both have had a communication break down and it's created a wedge in your relationship. Maybe there's been hurt and the walls are up for both of you. Whatever the cause, here are my simple challenges to you to refocus your marriage in 2016.
Divorced parents new to the ambiance of divorce situations would do well to learn from the mistakes of others. The resolutions below are offered to help create family situations that are truly in the best interest of the children involved.
For Kevin Park, of San Francisco, California, the decision to take his wife's last name came out of a desire to honor the couple's ethnic heritage. "I was born in South Korea but adopted by a family in the United States and grew up with a very 'white' last name.
We are not meant to do this alone. Setting intentions and speaking our desires out loud can be daunting and discouraging