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Bourdain featured Obama in an episode about Hanoi, filmed in May 2016.
The celebrity chef and TV host has died in a reported suicide.
And we're also all Anthony Bourdain, making fun of his reaction.
Anthony Bourdain's very existence is against the odds, and his wanderlust almost inevitable.
This remix makes us want to get down with some beets and beats.
He added, "The network added foul-mouthed New York City chef Anthony Bourdain to its Sunday night prime time lineup, and
I spoke with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert about their upcoming work and new adventures, their perspectives on the food scene in San Francisco, and their perspectives on the movement toward locally grown foods.
Bourdain also went deep into meatier subjects like race and resentment after the 1992 Los Angeles riots from the point of
Love him or hate him, Anthony Bourdain is the baddest food (and travel) dude on the block. After wrapping up the ninth season