Days before he was set to throw a massive 60th birthday party, ex-President Barack Obama has scaled back the celebration due to rising coronavirus concerns.
"Soon May The Hangover Come" leads to another super bowl -- of the porcelain kind.
Former Republican officials may be creating a new, anti-Trump political party.
With family gatherings and parties canceled because of the pandemic, those with the mental health condition are having a much different holiday season.
The Biden team has been trying to devise a coordinated national coronavirus strategy, as state governments continue to scramble separately.
Health experts warn the coming holiday travel season and the onset of colder weather will only exacerbate the nationwide spike in coronavirus infections.
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown ordered a two-week “freeze” starting Wednesday.
Kylie Jenner, Scott Disick and The Weeknd were among the maskless celebrity attendees.
Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Shane Patton called the breach of the stay-at-home order "ridiculous," adding, "that birthday party is costing them."
Stop with the awkward virtual mass gatherings. Instead, embrace intimacy during the pandemic.