New Year's celebrations around the world vary from smashing plates to dressing up as bears.
Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine and tireless troll of President Donald Trump, will throw the soirée at his Las Vegas club on New Year’s Eve.
Students at Clemson University found themselves in a scary situation after a floor collapse at a fraternity party early Sunday morning.
Fourth of July decorations, party favors and essential supplies 🇺🇸🎆✨
“I get sweaty, my heart races, and I want to run.”
Math wrath should never be involved in mixing drinks.
Make any get together purrfect.
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First Night It's Sunday! If you've got nieces and nephews by relation or by choice who live nearby, this is the time to spend
Dine With Vision On my web series with Burlington, I invited guests into my home to share my top decorating tips and talk
Not having notice doesn’t have to stop you from making your guests feel special! Show your friends & family how much you care (and what a great host you are!) by making them a treat from scratch using items you already have at home in your pantry.
3. The most important thing you can do now is stop everything...and Eat!! Chopping board Rolling pin Clear plastic resealable
I stomped over to the chits tent and purchased the chits. If nothing else, to drown my anger in the drinks and try to have
They say that college is the best time of your life. For most, the new found freedom of independent living can be borderline
Video: The Travelphile Here's one last look at the fun of Oktoberfest. Since our Best of Europe in 21 Days tour happened
You've seen her. She walks into the room and heads turn, conversations stop, and everyone wants to know "Who's that girl?" Well, you're that girl -- or you can be!
While college can be an exciting time it can also be a challenging time as most students seek to find their own identity outside of their hometowns and finally become whoever or whatever they are destined to be. For many, this is a time that you discover the leader inside of you while others discover the partyer inside.
So when it comes to the question of partying, off leash is best. If you don't have a fenced enclosure, schedule a time to meet at a local dog park. Still stumped where to hold your event? Try a few doggie day care centers: they may be willing to rent out their space.