party colleges

The University of Pennsylvania was named the top party school in the nation by Playboy magazine on Monday, making that the first time we can recall an Ivy League university claimed such a title.
As Playboy notes, UPenn does have an above and below ground Greek scene where bros make shopping trips to get 174 bottles
Most of the drug-related charges are incurred around the residence halls and fraternity housing in Iowa City, while the alcohol
ASU has a reputation as a big party school, ranked No. 10 on the BroBible party school index, although the 2013-14 rankings
West Virginia University has been dethroned, and the University of Iowa has taken the top seat as the most hard-partying
But schools themselves always push back against these lists, insisting they're flawed and don't tell the whole story. BroBible
West Virginia University parties harder than any other college in the country and has won the most dubious award in higher
Weekends are better than the weekdays. This is not a controversial statement. So why not go to a college where the weekends