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With back-to-school season around the corner, it’s a fun time to celebrate kids’ summer fashion: bring out those shorts and
2. Centerpieces 4. Party Hats And in case you didn't get the goodies you were hoping to see under your tree, be sure to check
Have you ever had to co-host a bridal shower or baby shower and wanted to kill the person you were planning with before the day of the shower even arrives? I have a friend who is about ready to kill her recent co-hostess, and after hearing the stories, I'm willing to help her bury the body and hide the evidence.
You can't get more unique than photos of the guest of honor.
Last weekend was my friend's birthday and she had her party at the beach. She spent the whole afternoon getting ready for the event, picking up a few essentials for the perfect summer beach party.
That's why we reached out to a few of the 30 designers who participated in this week's New York Flower Show, an annual event