Video footage of an event on a Texas beach showed maskless people twerking, drinking and standing way too close together.
The company is revamping its guest standards and banning open-invite parties across the app after a shooting at a San Francisco rental left five people dead.
"I wasn't raised to discriminate against any race."
For student-athletes, balancing partying, homework, and sleep can be a struggle.
There's a joke/meme doing the rounds of professional audio and live music event circles. Picture the scene: a heaving arena
It's kind of brilliant and pretty much fail-proof.
But they let him start during his domestic violence investigation.
Complain as we might, it's time to accept that bachelor parties are now all-weekend affairs. Affairs that cost half your rent, involve a long flight, and generally leave you in need of another vacation. So why not at least go somewhere original?
Reed College Portland, OR Reed's a liberal arts college plopped in the middle of SE Portland, but this isn't your average