pat conroy

Night Road by Kristin Hannah When Mia's best friend falls in love with Mia's fraternal twin, Zach, the three form an inseparable
Terry Kay dedicated this book to Pat Conroy, one of the South's legendary writers. It is the perfect book to remind us of the talent we lost with Pat Conroy's death and the talent that remains with Terry Kay.
Life is an embarrassment. You go from a stage of oneness with the mother to the trauma of helplessness at birth.
I divided the trip as if I were doing a state-by-state dot-to-dot, with colleges and universities the dots. I wanted my children
I had the honor of meeting Pat last September. He was just as charming in person as he is on the page--one of those people who is so much bigger than you are and yet who in just a few minutes can make you feel as if, in his mind, you are the special one.
Maybe I can't shake those romantic images, or maybe holing up behind closed doors feels like being a child exiled to my room as punishment. For whatever reason, I write best in the more central rooms of the house, the ones where I spend time doing many other things.
Though written in diverse styles, varying tenses and with different points of view, these first few sentences or paragraphs penned by immensely gifted authors have much more in common than just superb writing.
Let Me Die In His Footsteps, Roy's new novel, set in a 1952 Kentucky town, concerns Annie Holleran, a 15 year old girl who has an uncanny sense of knowing how things will turn out before they've played themselves through.
When it comes to fiction, the most frightening depictions are those describing events that could really happen. Those situations resonate deeply because, unlike paranormal experiences, they fall within the realm of possibility.
Still there are horrific moments the family had to endure. Peg suffered from leukemia and her pain was felt by each one of
Harvey went on to become the first male beauty advisor, selling cosmetics behind the department store counter in the south
It seems to be all about the crush these days -- man crushes, chick crushes, book crushes. When readers talk about their literary crushes, most are referring to characters in fiction. But when I casually mentioned my longtime infatuation with author Charles Baxter, it seemed to strike a chord.
Will printed books cease to exist? I honestly don't know the answer. But I know that I miss the books I've lost along the way, the physical books with their notes, underlinings and associations.
The power and draw of Pat Conroy remains, but with limitations. My Reading Life has opened me up to his faults -- things which I did not want to see in the past or which were not as blatant.
Shannon Faulkner, the first woman to be admitted to the Citadel Military College, told Good Morning America today that her
With Holt's long and prestigious history and Steve's remarkable taste and track record of success in both the literary and
If you ever wondered where the first American museum was built, where the U.S. Constitution was ratified or even where The Notebook was filmed, Charleston, South Carolina has got you covered!