Pat McCrory

The Human Rights Campaign is investing $26 million in supporting pro-equality candidates and "resisting the politics of hate."
An appeals court found that the restrictions harked back to the Jim Crow era.
North Carolina lawmakers have struck a deal to repeal HB2, a bill that was passed in reaction to a local anti-discrimination ordinance for LGBTQ people.
North Carolina has faced many financial hits from big companies wary of the state’s legislation.
Pat McCrory signed a law that discriminates against transgender people.
The toothless babble of HB-2 "protects" no one other than perhaps employers whose employees have more restricted rights as a result. Let's repeal this political mess that backfired on McCrory and will backfire on Berger and Moore as well if we don't move on.
Former Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed House Bill 17 in December before his Democratic successor took over.
Pat McCrory can't escape the lingering effect of his state's "bathroom bill."