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You're a fearmonger, spreading fable's into an already vulnerable society that fears what they don't understand. And many won't take the time to try to understand because people like you are telling them that people like me are pedophiles and they just listen.
Right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson wants grieving parents to know that it's okay if their children die, because God was
Pat Robertson is at it again. Proclaiming that teen girls don't know what dress they're supposed to wear, "much less what
He shared similar sentiments in 2012, at the height of the media firestorm surrounding Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy's remarks
He then added, "You better get on your knees and pray and let the Lord take care of it because there isn’t a whole lot else
Now, he's at it again, telling a "700 Club" viewer that she should treat her gay son, who just came out of the closet, like
Robertson, who has made no secret of his opposition to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in the past, condemned
Conservative U.S. evangelist Pat Robertson claimed that sexual abuse or an influx of "girl-on-girl" movies in Hollywood may
Similarly, the Southern Evangelical Seminary's Richard Land argued, "This would be like going to a bakery owned by an African
Viewer Dianne wrote in to the show asking Robertson: "What in your family — do you have anybody involved in the occult, somebody