pat sajak

Pat Sajak of “Wheel of Fortune” fame is spinning into a new uproar after a photo with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).
The longtime game show figure's 16-year-old pet Stella was remembered in a sweet video farewell on the show.
Chris Davidson got a "we can't accept that" from host Pat Sajak, and a pricey vacation went down the drain.
At least this goof on the popular game show was a team effort.
Viewers lashed the "Wheel of Fortune" host for dissing Scott Ingwersen's anecdote about losing part of a toe.
Charlene Rubush solved the puzzle — and that's when the outrage started.
"I finally snapped!" the game show host said before he later apologized for his outburst.
Forget victory. Declaring bankruptcy on the game show would be less painful.