Officials noted that "proper punctuation... is necessary" for Lori Loughlin's daughter to trademark "Olivia Jade Beauty."
When I stepped into the role as head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office a couple of years ago, one of the frequent
The justices may allow a jury to recalculate how much the iPhone maker is really owed.
The scenario of over-priced drugs is so common, you’d think compulsory licenses would be fairly standard.
Because of the AIA, the USPTO was permitted fee setting authority and, working with Congress, the ability to retain all fees
As a small business owner, paying your taxes to the government at the appropriate time is an obligation. However, as many
The cost of dozens of brand-name drugs have nearly doubled in just the past five years. Public outrage over drug prices extends
"I happened to be in South Korea right as the Selfie Stick was gaining popularity outside of the US. As soon as I returned
The relentless hyperinflation of drug prices needs to end, but it won't happen without major changes in policy. Some actions or proposals have included (but are definitely not limited to):
Few things are more exciting than arriving at an unknown platform for the first time. Whether it's Grand Central Station
When a biologist isolates a bacterium and sequences its genome, the results are her intellectual property. She is free to publish the sequence or share it with other biologists in whatever manner she deems appropriate.
Today is a new day for American inventors. The President and Congress helped American companies and innovators protect their intellectual property from those engaging in economic espionage by passing and signing the Defend Trade Secrets Act.
The proponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) like to describe it as a free-trade deal for the 21st century. That might be a good sales pitch, but it's not accurate. The TPP has little to with reducing trade barriers, which in most cases were already low.
Chinese antitrust regulators have embarked on an unprecedented and alarming series of investigations targeting foreign patent rights in recent years.
3 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property 3. Select Intellectual Property Insurance. 2. Establish Non Disclosure Agreements
There can be large benefits to countries from trading, and there is no doubt that the United States is enormously richer as a result of international trade. But that hardly means that everyone was benefitted by the patterns of trade over the last three decades, nor is it a reason to support the TPP.