The measure would allow a man who gets a woman pregnant to request an injunction barring her from obtaining an abortion.
Soon after, there was even more shocking rumors claiming that the child's real father is the man he calls his grandfather
Man, woman; gay, straight; blue-collar, white-collar.
Image from Shutterstock I'm sorry you've felt like you've missed out on my life for whatever reason you chose not to be in
"You didn't strike it rich here in Vegas, but you did hit the jackpot."
Paternity is a major problem area in family courts, whether you are talking about issues pertaining to fraud or biological fathers obstructed from having a relationship with their children. Unfortunately, there is little being done to fix these matters.
The overarching legal standard in situations involving children is "the best interest of the child." This standard invites a broad factual inquiry. Under this umbrella, couples in child custody contests present negative evidence concerning each others conduct.
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