paternity leave

The Reddit co-founder shared on NYT Parenting about the complications his wife, Serena Williams, experienced when giving birth to their daughter, Olympia, in 2017.
"I thought, ‘I’m just going to do what I feel is right for my family,’ and that’s it."
You'd be hard-pressed to find a plan this generous elsewhere in retail. At least in America.
If we want to truly create equality in the workplace for women, and conversely more engaged fathers at home, we can’t just preach it.
After losing their infant sons during their first week of daycare, these moms are petitioning the presidential candidates to fight for paid family leave for all American families.
"Thanks to this leave, Marriott is earning the loyalty and commitment of its staff," said Luis Bolaños, Marriott Costa Rica's
We know it takes women a couple of weeks to recover physically from childbirth, so when paid leave is offered, some difference is expected. But companies need to give men a better break. Moms can use the help, and dads need time with the new kid too.
Q: How can parents make sure they're equals and still work out an effective division of work? But our laws, policies, and
Create a culture of mutual support for work and family responsibilities on your teams. The more employees can fill in for
What matters for childhood development is that parents share everyday child-rearing and household activities. Surveys documenting how parents spend their time continue to show a strong gender gap. How can we fix this? And how can we stop the cards and advertisements that not only promote an antiquated view of gender labor, but in doing so suggest that this view is an acceptable assumption to make?
Becoming a parent is a celebration. All of a sudden you and your partner take on this incredible responsibility over someone's life, and that experience changes your family forever. However, sometimes the sheer beauty of it all can get buried.
Winston & Strawn will give its associates 20 weeks of gender-neutral parental leave.