patient care

Paralinguistics Paralinguistic is a type of vocal communication without the use of language. It includes voice inflection
It is the commitment of the office to complete the entire consultation, for a routine appointment, within one hour from the
But I am not average. You are not average. We are the reason a health care system exists - our health and well-being, our
It has been just about a week after the presidential election and my psychiatric clients continue to present with anxiety about the future of their healthcare, and well-being, once Trump is inaugurated on January 20, 2017.
Healthcare providers have attempted to reduce no-shows with a fee policy. One office placed "problem patients" on probation
It seems to me that if a person has refused to follow the suggestion of her medical professional, it ought to be a standard practice on the part of the doctor to learn why. Consulting with the individual, an alternative course of therapy might be the answer.
Louisa Clark has never seen such an array of medicines other than in a pharmacy. After introducing Louisa (Lou) to the apothecarial responsibilities, Nathan, the unflappable nurse, explains that the patient may need a little help in getting the medicines down.
I'm not going to share the details of my personal experience, but I will tell you that second opinions are a great way to avoid unnecessary medical procedures. A second opinion probably saved my life years ago, and I am now skeptical any time I hear someone talk about surgery.
Patients, physicians, diabetes organizations and industry MUST collectively make sure this practice of restricting medicines
Unfortunately, there is not a single, quick solution to this challenging public health issue. Rather, it will take a sustained, collective effort across multiple sectors.