Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The president bizarrely claimed it had "never been done before." It's been part of Obamacare for 10 years.
When the economy goes bad, coverage gets even harder to keep. More than 20 million could become uninsured this year.
Does anyone out there still believe that Republicans have a plan to replace Obamacare?
The president has touted a "far better and much less expensive alternative" to the Affordable Care Act. But a plan for that alternative doesn't exist.
A decade after the Obamacare debate, COVID-19 reveals who really cares about the sick and the elderly.
The Affordable Care Act’s shortcomings are more obvious. So are its strengths.
"Even though the president has repeatedly promised to protect health care, families like mine are living in limbo and unclear what the future holds for their children."
DOJ lawyers scramble to postpone until after Election Day the possible upheaval of the Affordable Care Act, which would affect 20 million people.
Whether the court agrees is a question of law -- and what risks the liberal-leaning justices are willing to take.