Paralinguistics Paralinguistic is a type of vocal communication without the use of language. It includes voice inflection
It is the commitment of the office to complete the entire consultation, for a routine appointment, within one hour from the
4. Doing science in the real world. One of the elements of the 21st Century Cures Act that has attracted criticism is its
Co-authored by The Honorable John Edward Porter, U.S. Representative (1980 - 2001) and Research!America Board Chair As President
Before a session, I may have to finish notes, take a phone call, or handle an emergency and may not have much time to prepare
See my article: No, I Can't Sit Down: What It's Like Having an Open Wound that Will Never Heal Amy Oestreicher is a PTSD
How it works Collecting medical data Originally posted at The Horizon Tracker It's first outing is a 650 person study into
Access is the new "Valley of Death." A concerted effort to update the value and coverage of new medical products is needed
There was major study done recently of more than 40,000 patients that looked at boarding and how that practice related to
That is why September 27th is a #MillionsMissing Day of Action for ME patients and their families. We hold (or, by the time