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Secularism does not threaten religion; it lets religion thrive. You cannot have freedom of religion without freedom from religion -- it is a two-sided coin. Nowhere is this more evident than the way these faith leaders treat women's rights.
Pope Francis made history by meeting with the Russian Orthodox Church's Patriarch Kirill.
Most people know President Putin but few have heard of Patriarch Kirill. The Russian patriarch, who often has the same objectives as Putin, operates with less attention and in many ways fewer restrictions.
Winning applause from those Ukrainians who seek Western integration and scorn Moscow's efforts to undermine it, the Kiev
The Moscow Patriarchate dominates in the Russian-speaking East, where Ukrainian forces have been battling a pro-Russian separatist
Recently, Moscow celebrated a holiday called "Paratrooper's Day." When I was told it culminates with some of the soldiers stripping down to their underwear to dance and frolic in a fountain, it reminded me of another type of parade that takes place all around the world.
The Russian Orthodox Church has enjoyed a resurgence since the end of atheist Soviet Communist rule in 1991. About three
For a Christian like me, the question that the Pussy Riot action begs is where might Jesus stand in the controversy between the combined power of the Church and State vs. three girls who made a prayer for deliverance from it.
A top official of the Russian Orthodox Church has called for an official dress code to encourage propriety after previously
The Patriarch said he believed the war--which Russians call the Great Patriotic War--had redeemed the nation from its sins