I spent months noticing when men walked toward us without even slowing their pace because they expected us to clear the path.
The #MeToo movement isn’t just for survivors. The movement progresses when everyday men join the conversation.
If white women really want to topple the patriarchy, they need to step up.
The crowds laughed as President Trump made fun of the woman accusing his Supreme Court nominee of attempted rape.
Modern theology not only perpetuates the abuse of women, but it preserves toxic masculinity in the church.
One woman tried to steal the baby Jesus from the Vatican's Nativity scene.
Men run everything, and it's enough already. Want to stop sexual harassment? Fix this now.
Lifetime's "Surviving R. Kelly" reminds us that we've fostered a culture of disregard for black girlhood.
21st century chivalry must recognize that being chivalrous doesn’t have to be about protecting, but supporting.
Patriarchal systems will break down when women stop holding themselves and fellow women to its ridiculous standards.
Now, more than ever, we need boys who will be the kind of men to fight against injustice.
I march because as a filmmaker of colour and an immigrant, I have to keep proving myself everyday in a hypocritical racist
Donald Trump wants women to believe we’re not good enough as we are — that we should put more energy into our appearance than into changing the world.
Christine Stoddard is the creator of Forget Fairytales, including the Wise Walrus series, which regularly runs on Feminist
The late Princess Diana was a woman who left her mark on the world by reclaiming the "values of the feminine"--and captured
What could be the reason behind that? In my opinion the reality is that Muslim countries by and large are time trapped and
It's hard not to feel overwhelmed. It's hard to know where to start. We've been thinking about it and talking about it constantly, and one of the simplest, most gratifying and empowering responses I can think of is for all of us to just stop giving those people pleasure.
I don't like generalizations. Nor do I support them. I teach my kids to avoid them at all cost. But if there is one that