The 56-year-old actor posted a tasteful nude on social media, and men upholding the patriarchy had something to say about Berry and her body.
"I know honorable men everywhere are treating women like sex goddesses and queens, but I’m pretty sure that misses the point."
“She’s sometimes the victim or in the bottom of some kind of hierarchy, but sometimes she’s also the one in the top,” filmmaker Ninja Thyberg told HuffPost.
I spent months noticing when men walked toward us without even slowing their pace because they expected us to clear the path.
The #MeToo movement isn’t just for survivors. The movement progresses when everyday men join the conversation.
If white women really want to topple the patriarchy, they need to step up.
The crowds laughed as President Trump made fun of the woman accusing his Supreme Court nominee of attempted rape.
Modern theology not only perpetuates the abuse of women, but it preserves toxic masculinity in the church.
One woman tried to steal the baby Jesus from the Vatican's Nativity scene.
Men run everything, and it's enough already. Want to stop sexual harassment? Fix this now.