Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil

Patricia Krentcil, aka "the Tanning Mom," wants to be on Trump's coronavirus task force to extol the benefits of sunlight.
Despite all the information available to the public about the hazards of sun tanning, especially that ultraviolet rays are a known cancer-causing agent, people still continue to tan. This has led many researchers to believe that factors besides lack of knowledge are driving some people to tan.
They found that beta-endorphin levels increased significantly in UV-exposed mice, and that these mice had a much higher pain
The film premiered late last month on Lucas Entertainment's website. In case you somehow forgot, Krentcil, more widely known
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Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil wants more than a sun kiss ... she wants to get plowed in a full-on porno -- for a hefty price
She denied exposing her daughter to a tanning session, and a grand jury opted not to indict her on charges of endangering
Why would Krentcil, whose affinity for tanning is well documented, go where the sun doesn't exactly shine out? Visit The
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I had been hearing it all my life, especially when I would return from a vacation that I was obviously supposed to have come back from looking "tan."
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In an exclusive interview with HuffPost Weird News, the mom now famous for denying that she brought her 6-year-old daughter
In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, Patricia Krentcil -- the "Tanning Mom" accused of bringing her 6-year
Huffpost Celebrity obtained an exclusive interview with the troubled housewife the night of the show. And although she appeared
New Jersey’s "Tan Mom," Patricia Krentcil, found herself in the middle of a media firestorm after she pleaded not guilty
"Tanorexia" may have just claimed another for its own. Krentcil's accusation of child endangerment prompted a fierce public
Though Krentcil has continued to deny the charges -- claiming that her daughter never actually entered a tanning booth -- her