Patrick Fitzgerald

If Kasich makes it onto the ticket, the election will take place two weeks shy of the 10th anniversary of his guest host interview on "The O'Reilly Factor" in which he did the bidding of an ex U.S. Attorney I criticized in my HarperCollins investigative book "Triple Cross."
Monday marked the five-year anniversary of Rod Blagojevich's arrest. What followed made Illinois a national punch-line and represented a new low point for Illinois politics.
When my high school launched a new Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, my perception was that entrepreneurship was a very difficult task that only a genius like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg could do.
With news of another group looking at fixing our transit oversight in Illinois, we wonder what will be the legacy of the Metra Memogate? What will we have accomplished?
Republicans this year are giddy about their chances for retaking the governorship for the first time since Rod Blagojevich's victory in 2002.
Obviously, there must be omissions. We never meet Stephen Dedalus, for example, or Buck Mulligan or Kinch, that fearful jesuit
By James B. Kelleher "Each brings a range of legal and professional experience to the table as prosecutors, lawyers in private
While Fitzgerald said he felt "comfortable" he could stay at Skadden long term, he did not rule out future roles in the public
Beavers has maintained his innocence since he was arrested in February. He claims that he did not need to pay taxes on the
But Cheney was never charged. In a subsequent court filing, Fitzgerald wrote that “there was reason to believe” the leak
Adler, who writes about the expansion of executive power, said that in both the Libby and Kiriakou cases, Fitzgerald fell
"He's just a guy who does the right thing," said Joel Levin, an attorney who helped Fitzpatrick's office former Governor
Beavers has maintained his innocence since being charged, and his attorney -- former Blagojevich defender Sam Adam, Jr. -- said
(Scroll down to watch Beavers discuss Fitzgerald.) If convicted, Beavers faces a sentence of up to three years in prison
Making the rounds during the Internet start-up craze in the 1990s, Potomac resident Ed Edmondson worked to help develop the
“You either speak up and do something about it or you’re part of the problem. That’s the only way to look at it.” “The one
"This case involved the most disturbing criminal sexual assault of minors," U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said in a statement
U.S. consumers stand a better chance of buying honey free of drugs, chemicals and other illegal contaminants because investigators
Robert Blagojevich traveled in sophisticated circles. He likely knows very well what pay-to-play is, and knows too that politics permeates all relationships -- personal and professional.