patrick kane

"The NHL has concluded that the allegations made against Kane were unfounded."
This is about the fans. This is about the lifelong Blackhawks supporter who happens to be a rape survivor. It's about the kids sitting a few rows away who don't fully understand what Kane might have done, but who know it doesn't matter because the Jumbotron keeps reminding them that he's a hockey hero.
She said the investigation has put too much stress on her and her family.
One columnist feared going into the office after receiving threats on Twitter.
Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita called the claim a "bizarre hoax."
He's still confident in the accuser's allegations against Kane.
Thomas Eoannou said Wednesday the rape kit was anonymously dropped off at his client's mother's house.
The following is the transcript of how I would imagine the conversation between me and my son would unfold. Feel free to use it as a template for discussing these issues with your own children.
Few details are known about the investigation, including whether or not there is any substance to a reported rape.
The NHL says it is "following developments" of a police investigation involving Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane. The